Teach Me….

Good day, how are you beautiful?

That’s what you say as I pass you by

Call me the angry black woman, without asking me my story

Because I didn’t acknowledge you or reply to your advances

There is so much you don’t know about me , I have more than just a name

Can I get to know you better? Is what you want to say, I reconsider

All the time asking myself, what made him look my way?

 You say you want kiss me and caress me

Be the man to take the pain away

Brighten my beautiful but very dull eyes

Same things I’ve heard before, by more than just a man

So many relationships ended with no closure

Mostly ending with mental bruises and emotional abuse

A few lies here about menial things and a whole lot of unnecessary misuse

Who knows tomorrow holds or what’s to come of this

I’m asking myself, am I ready to take this risk… again

Who knows maybe you will be just a friend

Not wanting to add to the list of things gone bad to worse

Letting these walls down little by little, very hesitant first

I say the wrong things, I push you away, even though it is not my intent

I like you, I think about you all the time, I wonder if you feel the same

We all make mistakes, judge people by our past, ignore the ones we shouldn’t

Everyone learns in their own time, you have to decide when your time is…

My time is NOW, are you willing to teach me?

Teach me how to love you, the way you deserve to be loved

Teach me how to touch you, so that your body stays in need of my hands

Teach me how to kiss you, with the right amount of love

Teach me how to hold you, so that you feel secure

Teach me how to talk to you, so that our feelings stay pure

Teach me how to listen to you, so that you know that I care

I’m ready to embrace something new and different

Take it slow, be patient with me

Be gentle with my heart

I’m ready to learn


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