Neighborly Conduct

I really tried NOT to talk about my neighbors BUT I really couldn’t help it…. They have been ruining my life more and more each day for the last three months. I mean that literally.

It all started the day after I moved in when I was risen from peaceful slumber at about 1 o’clock in the morning by loud music and the house shaking…. Turns out the my neighbor decided to back his suburban into the driveway and hit the house in the process. The next morning, he and his significant other, for a lack of more “fitting” words, arose me once again from peaceful slumber to loud and vulgar arguing. The arguing has continued on everyday, since then with physical altercations to match. I have had to call my landlord on a few occasions to give them a talking to. I do have children so I understand some noise but they tend to go OVERBOARD repeatedly.

I have lived in single homes for the last 4 years and I hadn’t been accustomed to having neighbors for quite some time now. I NEVER imagined that I would get the neighbors from HELL. I speak, they don’t. I put salt on slippery steps, make the kids quiet down at a reasonable hour, and I don’t even park in the driveway to avoid confusion. And what do I get? A neighbor (male) who tries to verbally and almost physically assault me, blaring radios all times of the day and night, kids screaming, aggressive arguing, and just plain old embarrassment when I have company.

I put the blame only on them but I write this post to help out another person who may be a victim or the victimizer to just think before you do things because normal to you may not be to others. Be mindful of all things you do even if you don’t have same home neighbors.

The moral to this story is…. BE CONSIDERATE!

Peace & Blessings xoxo


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