Am I Being Heard?

How many ways can I tell you?

Do you listen to the words?

I love you with all my heart

How can you break it the most?

No one loves you as much as I do

No one will even show it

Who listens to your tears at night

Then tells you it will be okay

Why am I crying as I write this to you

Are you crying as you read it?

Realize no one can make you,

Break you, motivate you or even

Intimidate you—unless you let them

Who are they to make you feel small

When they are no better than you

Who are thy to make you cry

When they did not catch your fall

Nobody is perfect, don’t you see

We are all human

And that’s the way it will always be

Hold your head high

Listen to my words

Know you are not alone

I speak knowledge unto the unknowing

And truth into the mislead

I am always the shoulder you cry on

And I will never let you bow your head.


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