Manifestation Of Me

What am I to you?

Should it concern me or engage me

Amuse me or confuse me

Lift me up or bring me down

How is it

Do you really view me?

What do you see within me?

I know how I see me, who I need to be

And who I am, where I come from

Where I am going

The foundation that laid me

The obstacles and struggles that tried to pave me

But I stood through the hurt, the pain

Feeling like it was all in vain

I know what is inside me, underneath my rough exterior

Motivation, determination, and success drives me

I will not settle for any less

I know what moves me

To laugh, to cry

To once have had the desire to die

But the will to live, just trying to survive

Faith in GOD, helping me to rise

Above all negativity, troubles, and confusion

Away from the bad, so I could see the good

So in reality

The best part of it all, is that

What I am to me


More than what I am to you


One thought on “Manifestation Of Me

  1. rise

    you deserve the best.
    beautiful poetry, well done.


    Poets Rally Week 43 is April 5-11, 2011, Submit a free verse via the link provided.

    Bless your talent.

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